How is yoga with Infinite Seeds different from regular yoga?

My instruction is tuned to the unique needs of those in treatment. I consider things like recent surgeries that might affect your mobility or comfort levels, skin that might be sensitive from radiation, and scar tissue or other parts of the body that need extra attention. These are important factors that aren't typically addressed in a standard class.


Infinite Seeds yoga also addresses side effects of treatment, like nausea and neuropathy. While there’s no guarantee we can or will alleviate your symptoms, I can give you strategies to help you relate to them differently, reducing their emotional charge.

Is Infinite Seeds right for me?

If you’re ready to be an active participant in the process, the answer is yes! Yoga with Infinite Seeds will require that you take responsibility, participate and engage fully with the healing process. It’s a cooperative endeavor.


If you’re committed to your healing, then together we can address any goal. Do you want to be able to complete household chores? Let’s work on safely maintaining strength. Do you want to sleep better? Let’s work on calming the mind and making the body more comfortable. Whatever your situation and your aim, Infinite Seeds can help you emerge from treatment stronger and better than you were before.

I'm a caretaker. Is this right for me?

Cancer is tough on everybody. It's important that you take care of yourself as you take care of others. Infinite Seeds can give you strategies for improving both the patient's wellbeing and your own. 


How does it work?

During your evaluation, we’ll assess your goals and current capacities. Depending on your situation, I’ll teach you gentle, effective movement strategies; simple breathing techniques; and/or other tools that you can practice on your own. We’ll meet periodically to adapt your program as necessary. My ultimate goal is to give you all the information and tools you need to be your own healer.

Why "Infinite Seeds"?

Seeds hold potential; a perfect plan; infinite possibilities. Seeds also carry with them new ideas.  I help people realize their potential by planting seeds of possibilities for ways to live a more purposeful and intentional life. I can help you break through whatever current shell is getting in the way of growth.

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