Maggie Compernolle


As both an oncology nurse and a yoga teacher certified at the 500-hour level, I love helping others help themselves.


In the hospital, I serve as a bridge between doctors and their patients. I translate what can be confusing or overwhelming information into accessible and useful tools for patients and their families or caregivers. In the yoga studio, I give my students clear instruction to help them feel empowered in their bodies and their lives. Having published my own research on mindfulness with patients who have specific cancers, I have since presented this research nationally and continue to teach concepts of mindfulness throughout the hospital. These concepts are immediately applicable and infinitely expandable. 


With an extensive education in Western medicine and anatomy, plus training in Ayurveda, Reiki, and other Eastern modalities, I can help you address physical, mental, and emotional concerns with simple and clear plans for action.


You are capable of more than you realize. You can take control of your own healing process. I’m so excited to show you how.

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